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Christina and Ben's Windy Day in Cape May

Monday, November 2, 2009 - Weddings
Woo...its been awhile since I blogged! We have been SO busy shooting so many different things! I literally have about 15 weddings and portrait sessions to blog. So, with that being said, let's get a roll on and see what happened with Ben and Christina in Cape May, NJ last month! October 2nd, we made the 3 hour drive down to one of our favorite places, Cape May. Christina is friends with one of our past grooms, Mahmood, and she loved our photos! That's how we ended up in Cape May for her wedding. She was so excited to have us there, and we were so happy to have the opportunity to work with her and Ben in one of our favorite places! The day was super de duper windy, and the ceremony was actually held outside in the Wildwood area. After the very windy outdoor ceremony, we headed down to the boardwalk to have some fun. With it being off season, it was nearly abandoned on the boardwalk and we were pretty much able to do what we want. Except for going to the amusement park on the pier - it was shut down, and we tried to sneak in, but promptly got shooed out by security. Drat! No matter, we still got some great shots!

The reception was held at the Hotel Alcott, a gorgeous hotel right in Cape May. Christina managed to dance the night away, even with a broken ankle! She injured herself over the summer, and was luckily out of crutches in time for the wedding. Even though she was still in a boot, she wasn't going to let it stop her from having the best day ever!

Christina had rented out a bed and breakfast for her family and her to get ready. It was a great Victorian house, and had lots of fantastic colors in it.
Christina's dad reminded me so much of my own dad. Here he is seeing her for the first time after she got dressed.
I loooove this portrait of Christina. I had fun in this room, and she told me when they first got that room that she had loved the pillows from the start!
Isn't this staircase cool?
Um yeah, Christina and all of her girls had a little too much fun - tongue tattoos!
Here come's Christina and Ben's doggie....he attended the wedding!
Ok, so this would normally be a ring shot that I would do, but I have to give a big round of applause to Joel for getting this one! Way to go honey!
Here's Ben!
I rode in the limo with the girls to the ceremony, and just as we arrived, Christina thought she caught a glimpse of Ben through the window. One of her maids of honor grabbed ahold of her and held on tight. Christina started tearing up!
Isn't he the cutest!?
We used this shut down hotel across from the ceremony location for a bunch of portraits. It had a lot of great bright colors. Reminds me of when we visited the Salton Sea in CA a few years back....
Off for some fun at the Wildwoods sign!
And of course some boardwalk fun!
Ben won a panda bear for Christina!
This pasta was super yummy.
Here's Erika and Mahmood! We photographed their wedding in 2007.
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