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We win! The 39th wedding of Frank and Evette

Thursday, October 15, 2009 - Weddings
No, no, no, Evette and Frank have not been married 39 times. :) Allow me to explain....

So Evette and Frank were married on September 25th. We were really looking forward to this wedding. When Evette first contacted us she told us that she and Frank had been at 38 weddings in the last several years together (that's a lot of weddings - she isn't even in the wedding industry!) - and that out of the 38 weddings, she still remembers our photos from Kelly and TJ's wedding from 2006. One of her bridesmaid's had shown her these photos (the bridesmaid had also been a bridesmaid at Kelly's wedding), and she just loved them. She said she loved our photos that best and wanted us for her wedding! Needless to say we were thrilled to hear that - but hey, that's a lot to live up to! :) Just kidding, we knew we could get some great memories for Evette and Frank, and although we didn't meet them until the wedding day, we fit right in. Evette is fun and bubbly and Frank, well Frank was Frank! Let's just say he liked us too - and at the reception, even had a fascination with Joel's famous goatee. A whole conversation at dinner came about because of it. ;)

The wedding day itself was a whirlwind and the morning flew by super quick - these guys didn't want a ton of portraits or posed shots, so we were able to really focus on capturing all of the moments we witnessed. The ceremony was at Evette's church she had gone too since she was a kid, and the reception was at the gorgeous, Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ. This reception was way off the charts - with a cocktail hour that had like 14 or 15 food stations for all of the guests, a martini bar that was actually made out of ice! and an insane dessert feast at the end of the reception. Let's see what all happened!

Frank's poor sister! She had her zipper break on her dress just as we were getting ready to do some photos of the girls at Evette's house. Frank's other two sisters stepped up to the plate and tried to fix it lightning quick!
Love, love, love, love....did I say love? this shot I did of Evette at her house. I saw the stairs, saw the light and was like, "Hey Evette, can I do a portrait of ya quick?" and this is what happened. Isn't it something? Some of my favorite shots are done in stairways and hallways.
Evette had some great colors in her wedding!
Some guests comparing photos. There were a ton of cameras at this wedding!
Love this look on Evette's dad's face, I can't remember what the officiant said to get this reaction, but it sure was funny.
Frank's two best men, paying attention during the ceremony.
When bubbles attack!
Cozy lovin' during some wedding party photos.
Look. At. This. Room.
The ice martini bar - I have some full shots of the whole thing, but I loved this one better. :)
Evette's pastor was standing in the videographer light just so, and I was able to get this cool shot. He was just getting read to say the blessing.
Evette's maid of honor was cracking her up.
Frank's cousin, and one of the best men, was really doing a whopper of a job with his toast. Especially right here, where he mentioned the family trait of the big bushy eyebrows! :)
Now, the fun is starting!
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