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Christina and Willem's Downtown Lancaster Wedding

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 - Weddings

September 5th was a perfectly wonderful, light and lively, sunny and happy wedding day for Christina and Willem! We were so psyched for this wedding! We had heard about all of the little details for the day and we couldn't wait to get our cameras firing and our mojo flowing. Believe it or not, but this wedding was our first in Lancaster for the year (we are traveling so much this year for weddings! We have Jersey, New York and Delaware weddings coming up.) And it wasn't just a Lancaster wedding - it was a Lancaster CITY wedding. All of Christina and Will's vendors and venues were in our gorgeous city! Here's a peak at who was all involved:

Ceremony: Sacred Heart Catholic Church (our church!)
Reception: John J Jeffries Restaurant at Lancaster Arts Hotel
Florist: Flowers by Paulette
Cake: House of Clarendon

And of course us! We also went to several locations around the city for portraits after the ceremony, but I am getting ahead of myself...

Christina and Will are from Vancouver, Canada, and have only been living in Lancaster for a little over a year. They both work at the same company and were transferred here last summer. With being so new in Lancaster, why choose it for your wedding day? We asked them this, and they said they loved the city and wanted to remember their time here. All of the great buildings, restaurants, history, their home - they wanted to capture it in their wedding day. We very willingly obliged, and planned out the perfect map of locations for the day...

I started with Christina at their home, while Joel met up with Will at the Lancaster Arts Hotel. Christina and Will's home is absolutely gorgeous, and from the outside, you would never guess at what lies inside. Their design and decorating sense is impeccable, and it looked like something out of a luxury hotel. Christina and Will had a very small guest list, only around 50 of their very closest friends and family. At the house, Christina had her Matron of Honor, and her mom helping her into her stunning gown and Stuart Weitzman's.

While I was occupied with all of the great details at the house, Joel was tossing around the football with Will and his best man at the hotel. Time always flies, and it was soon ceremony time at the church. This was the first time we were shooting in our own church, and it was very different being in such familiar territory. The ceremony was a mixture of Catholic and Filipino traditions and was very intimate in the cavernous church. As the ceremony came to an end, and Christina and Will greeted their guests outside, the tears really started to flow. That is what I really love about smaller weddings. Christina is very close to her brother, and when he came out, they both started crying and it was so emotional I was choking back tears behind the camera.

Once the hugs and tears were finished, we headed to our first stop on the city tour, which was Franklin & Marshall College (F&M). We grabbed a few quick family photos and then had some fun! Will and his best man ran track together in college, so we headed to the track and ran some races. :) We also couldn't resist using our favorite bleachers. Stop 2 on the tour was at Christina and Will's house, where we had tons of options to work with! There wasn't a lack of great spots in their house, and we even got to use an egg chair in the backyard and their fabulous chandelier in the dining room.

Christina and her matron of honor love chatting over coffee, so our third stop was at one of our favorite coffee shops, Chestnut Hill Cafe. The girls chatted away over some lattes, while the guys hung outside. It was such a gorgeous day! Our final stop was at one of our favorite places to shoot, downtown at Lancaster Central Market. We just love the colors and textures that surround market, and we always find new photos and places to shoot when we go there. I have to admit, Joel shot one of the most KILLER wedding party shots ever! while we were there. :)

So our tour ended at the reception venue, John J Jeffries at the Arts Hotel, and the party was ready to start! The room was amazing, and a very special coordinator did an unreal job at setting the whole place up. The evening opened up with Will singing a song (and playing keyboard) for Christina, and I don't think there were many dry eyes to be found. The evening continued with a wonderful spread of food, some special speeches from Will and Christina's parents, and our time ended with the Filipino Money Dance.

Christina and Will, we were so honored to be a part of this absolutely exsquisite day!

The guys getting ready at the Arts Hotel - it is such a rad wedding venue.

Will was totally ready to throw around some ball.

A super quick portrait of Christina upstairs in their house.

I was all over this peep hole through the stained glass front door of the church. I totally waited for her to get there to snag this.

Joel's favorite time of the day, the moments just before the walk.

Will and his mom - I loved that both Christina and Will were so close to their families. We were able to capture so many wonderful moments!

Time to play...

Joel was successful in not getting stepped on for this one. :)

Passing it off!

The egg! This is one of Christina's favorite chairs, and Will got it for her for her birthday. It was really something!

I only used part of the chandelier, but you should really see the full thing, it is unbelievable!

Christina was just stunning no matter what she was doing.

Girl hang time!

One of the running jokes of the wedding was that they had Damask details in everything! Christina even had it on her garter!

Found some kickin light at Central Market when we arrived. We got there at the perfect time of day.

Christina also had purple mixed in with everything so this was only appropriate.

Here's that killlllerrrrrr wedding party shot I mentioned earlier. I am just totally in love with this shot and uber jealous that Joel thought of it instead of me. ;)

A damask cake!!

I loved all of the parents!

Even though John J Jeffries is only like 2 blocks from our house, we still had not gotten a chance to eat there before this wedding. The food was sooo yummalicious, and the best part - well, here is an excerpt from their site that explains it all,

"One trip to our restaurant and you’ll see that we have designed our menu on local, seasonal, sustainable and organic agriculture. We invite you to join us and taste the difference of local “farm to table” sustainable cuisine."

We love supporting our local organic farmers!

Money everywhere! What a great end to a perfect day!

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