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Alison and Brian's Country Club Wedding in Jersey

Monday, September 28, 2009 - Weddings
August 29th we headed to Jersey for a lovely country club wedding. Alison and Brian had booked us through email earlier this year, and we were excited to finally get to meet them! Not to mention their beautiful little girl Evie. She was adorable! Alison invited us to her parent's house to start out the gorgeous day (the weather couldn't have been better) - and we grabbed some fun getting ready shots. The ceremony and reception were both at the Tavistock Country Club, and we quickly headed over there to meet up with Brian and the guys so we could get a bunch of photos finished before the ceremony was to start.

Alison arrived in a limo, and Brian greeted her at the car when she arrived. The smiles on their faces were contagious and quickly spread throughout the crowd gathered just inside the doors. This day was off to a great start! We rounded up the rest of the wedding party and headed to the rear of the country club. We were able to find a few out of the way spots, and had some fun!

The ceremony was pretty short and sweet, but had some tears and giggles in it. (Especially when Brian's best man tried to hand him a flask instead of the rings during the ceremony!) As the receiving line finished up, a huge thunderstorm rolled in, with some wicked looking clouds. There was also an airport nearby and it was really creepy seeing the planes fly through the ferocious looking clouds as they landed. Made for some really dramatic photos though during cocktail hour!

The reception was a total blast, as everyone hit the dance floor at full speed and didn't stop all night. A full dance floor is always our kind of reception! We loved working with Ali, Brian and their friends and families - I think you can tell by the photos below!

I loved this spot for the dress, so I put it there, and snapped away.
Joel caught this shot, and I love all of the different things going on in the photo.
Totally a favorite.
Alison's bros were putting on a little concert while they waited at the house.
First look!
Isn't this bouquet gorgeous!?
This was part of a huge tree that was set up at the alter for the ceremony by the florist. The floral details were kick-butt at this wedding!
Evie was in "baby jail" , as we like to call it. You might call it, "trapped in a Pack and Play" :)
Right after the storm blew through.
Evie was getting sleepy!
So yeah, Joel has an obsession with ties. Don't know if you know it, but he has caught guests playing with ties at like 5 or 6 weddings in the last 2 years. It's an obsession for him. :)
Love. This. Shot.
Oh this poor guy - they were totally egging him on trying to get him to go higher with the garter.
One last kiss goodnight...
...and a baby fast asleep. :)
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