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Brittaney and Scott Rocked Socks - Literally!

Friday, August 28, 2009 - Weddings
Yeah yeah yeah. I am serious by my title. Not only were Brittaney and Scott super-rad, but they did rock socks. Check out those rockin argyles! Plus....they are Wiebner colors!!! Blue, green and white baby! Brittaney was tugging at our heartstrings with these. We were SO excited to work with Brittaney and Scott after the extremely cool time we had with them at their engagement session earlier this year. Their wedding on August 7th was totally perfect! Great details, great personalities, fun friends and family and a secret hidden photo spot. Who could ask for more?

The day started out like any other with some getting ready, but then these two wanted to see each other all dressed up and get some of the jitters out of the way. They met under the pergola amongst the empty chairs that waited for guests to arrive. Tears flowed, there were oohs and aahs over clothing details and then the sun came out to light up their faces in permanent smiles. We were off and running with the enthusiasm and downright silliness that emanated from these two. We were at Heritage Hils Golf Resort for the entire day, and as much as we love golf courses, we wanted to find somewhere else to play. Luckily we took a walk and found on part of the property an old farmhouse and spring house. They oozed decay and decrepitness which is just what we love for our backgrounds. We played around there for a good long time, until the wedding party came and roused us out of our joviality. It was back to reality and time to say I do, so off we all went to walk down the aisle.

The evening proved to be much more of the same merriment, as Brittaney and Scott had something extra special planned for their guests (with the help of our buds at Occasions DJs. As they danced their first dance, they pulled their skeptical wedding party out onto the dance floor one at a time. They all were adorned (some unwillingly!) with silly props and costumes, and made to dance with either Brittaney or Scott. It was certainly a sight to see! We were laughing so hard we were having a hard time pressing the shutter buttons on our cameras!

There was much more fun during the reception, with Brittaney and Scott dropping some Irish Car Bombs, "jump rope" dancing and fun on the mini-golf course to end the night!

Couldn't have asked for a more fun day!

Scott getting his ready on.
And Brittaney getting hers on. She looks so serious here, but really, she wasn't. She WAS totally channeling some Marilyn Monroe though. Smoking hot!
First glimpse smiles.
Scott, the first to show off them rockin socks.
Loved Brittaney's bouquet!
Some winks and funny faces.
You MAY remember this shot...does it look familiar? If you aren't sure, check HERE. How funny that we found almost an identical window??
And then proceeded to make some different kind of magic happen with it. These all turned out sooooo cool.
Love, love, love those blue shoes!!
Checkin the time...
...time to see all of the socks!
Some ring radicalness.
Moments after "I do"
Scott's niece was SO cute.
Man, they just can't stop showing off those socks!
Brittaney was super emotional during the dance with her dad.
Aren't those happy smiles to die for?
Some of the wedding party wackiness!
Bombs away!
Yeah, Joel totally grabbed this baby in full yawn.
Brittaney's mom was getting a little feisty! :)
Round 2 on bombs!
Getting a little out of control on the dance floor!
Scott literally had a harem of women guests serenading him on the dance floor. I think he liked it....
....or not. Scott reminding everyone he's married! :)
And a last shot out on the mini-golf course with a Disneyesque castle in the background! What a day!
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