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Kristina and Jamie - The fabulous St. Michael's MD Wedding!

Thursday, July 23, 2009 - Weddings
Woot - Kristina and Jamie rocked! Kristina works with one of our past brides, Heather, and we were so thrilled when she contacted us last year to photograph her big day on June 27th. Best of all, we got to travel to the quaint little area of St. Michael's, Maryland. The majority of the wedding festivities were held at The Oaks Waterfront Inn, in Royal Oaks, MD, which is just outside St. Michael's. What a gorgeous location! There were photo opportunities galore, and we just couldn't have had a better time on this wedding day. Kristina was just hilarious, and a total ham! She was hamming it up big time for the camera ;)

We had such a good time that this is an extremely large blog post - 62 delectable photos for you to drool over! I have a lot of talking to do, but I am going to do it throughout the post with each photo.


First shot here is of The Oaks. The day was just beautiful - blue skies everywhere!
Kristina's dress was the bomb. Soooo cool. A shot here of it hanging waiting for Kristina to arrive from the salon.
Loved this reflection in the mirror of Kristina's shoes.
Rings looking out over the water on the backside of the inn.
The guys started getting ready before the girls and looks like they were having some boutonniere problems. :)
Kristina had this "borrowed and blue" pin inside her dress - the piece of candy was from her great aunt (if I remember correctly!) - she had it with her when she came to America. (Kristina's family is Armenian.)
Love this shot of Kristina in the mirror as the bridesmaids are putting her kicks on. :)
Lots of fun getting this huge veil on!
She was just so excited!
Some time with dad before going down the aisle...
Jamie's uncle performed the Catholic ceremony.
Even the ceremony was fun. :)
And pucker up! Time for a smooch.
Arriving back at The Oaks after the ceremony - time to have more fun!
We braved mosquito-infestations for these next few shots - the area was covered in them!
We then went down to the dock to work some magic.
Kristina's details were pretty rad. She had a jazz theme...
And not one cake...
...but two! The groom's cake here was made by the famous Charm City Cakes, (uh yeah - Ace of Cakes!) - Kristina and Jamie had a thing for monkeys and jazz - so they had a record player with a monkey bride and groom on it.
The room was bangin'.
Kristina had flip flops for everyone to wear for the dancing!!
A first dance done, and everyone cheers.
A big speech!
Just loved this place - I seriously want to go back there and stay for a weekend.
Dinner is served!
Kristina and her bro started the Armenian dancing off with a bang! Man they all could DANCE!!!
There they are! Our couple from 2007 - Danny and Heather - you probably remember their rad wedding at the Hotel Monaco in Washington DC.
Kristina and her dad showing how it's really done!
Love this one too. :)
These guys had too much fun with their cake.
And a few last shnuggles outside near the water before we left. What a wonderful day!
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