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An Indian Wedding, The Wiebner Way - Day 3

Monday, July 6, 2009 - Weddings
Ah yes, finally Day 3! Wedding Day! We are so excited to blog this final day! We have received so many great compliments on the first 2 days so far - people emailing, telling us in person - it's been great! Thank you all so much for the love. We really appreciate it. This final day was something completely unlike anything we have ever been a part of before. Let me tell you the story...

So we arrive at the Tyler Arboretum at 9 AM on June 13th - I found S getting her makeup done by the fabulous makeup artist, Beke Beau, while Joel ran off to take some photos of M and his family. We were supposed to do a few photos of M+S before the actual ceremony was to start at 10:30, but things ran a little behind with getting ready so we planned to do it afterwards. The ceremony started with the Artha ceremony where S' mother welcomed M. Everyone then processed down the hill to the ceremony location. As M stood and waited for S' mom & dad to escort S down the aisle, it started. The rain started as a few drops, and within minutes progressed to POURING DOWN RAIN. Right as S and her parents walked down the aisle, the heavy rain came. Joel and I were fumbling for a few minutes to get our cameras and lenses covered and protected - Joel found a garbage bag lying on the ground (I think someone had brought some of the ceremony items down to the mandap in it) - and covered his head and camera. He was safe and shooting away, so I ran up to the tent that extended from the barn, tossed my gear under it and bolted for the car. I knew we had a big umbrella in there, and if we were going to be shooting an hour long ceremony in that type of heavy rain, we were going to need it! I was COMPLETELY soaked until I got back from the car. I grabbed my gear again and headed back down to the mandap to get the ceremony in progress. Only good thing about the rain, it allowed me (and the videographer) to stand right in front of the mandap and get super close for photos. About 20 or so brave guests got very wet so they could view the entire ceremony up close. The rest of the guests took refuge under the tent that was adjacent to the barn (it was set up for the lunch after the ceremony)

The ceremony continued through the rain, with the various traditions and ceremonies. Several guests were under the mandap with umbrellas shielding M+S and their parents and siblings. They were the main ceremony participants. It sure was a sight to see! We were able to get a bunch of intimate shots of everyone under the mandap during the ceremony. Also, all participants remained in very good spirits despite the "monsoon" (that was a running joke with the guests!) - and even M+S were laughing and having a good time. So pretty much everyone went with the flow, and the ceremony was over and done with and of course, the rain came to an almost complete stop right after the ceremony ended. :)

One funny side note about the ceremony that doesn't pertain to our bride and groom - after I returned from getting the umbrella, I looked back over my shoulder from where I was stationed in front of the mandap to talk to Joel briefly. As I turned to face him, his face contorted into a strange look, and before I got to say something he was like, "You might want to fix that." and I was like, "Fix what?" and he said, "Your mascara!" Uh yeah, I didn't have waterproof mascara on that day and apparently it was streaked down my face like some monstrosity out of the Bride of Frankenstein or something. I am sure I must have looked a sight! I kept shooting away though and didn't worry about it until later - I probably scared everyone that looked at me. :)

So.....after the ceremony we grabbed just a few quick shots of M+S, so we had some portraits from after the ceremony - due to the turn of events, everyone decided to postpone family photos and portraits until that evening. We were all a wet mess! I was then glad that we had such a long break that afternoon - we drove all of the way home to change our clothes and get dry. I guess we should always have a change of clothes in the car, I think we might from now on!

The evening was very much a traditional type of wedding reception - with a cocktail hour that started off in the Fell's Planetarium at the Franklin Institute, followed by the reception in Franklin Hall. It was a GORGEOUS location for a reception! We squeezed in a few minutes of family photos and couple portraits at the end of the cocktail hour, and the rest of the reception was spent with some memorable speeches and fun dancing!

So that's it! The end of a very memorable 3 days. Enjoy all of the photos from it - there are a ton!

Here's S having her bindhi applied by her mom in the morning.
A portrait of M.
S' jewelry for the ceremony was so beautiful. I love this shot of her putting one of her earrings in.
Here's the tent decorated for lunch after the ceremony.
S' mom welcoming M and his family.
S' dad giving M's sister a hug.
M patiently waiting for S to come out and down the hill for the ceremony. The first drops of rain were starting at this point.
The garland ceremony - this was when it was really starting to rain!
When I ran to the car to get our umbrella, I had to go through the visitor center to get to the parking lot. The woman that was working in the gift shop saw that I was soaked - she then sent a bunch of umbrellas down for the guests.
A serious point during the ceremony, Joel was able to capture both expressions....
And yeah, there's my big ol' golf umbrella.
A shots to illustrate how heavy the rain was...
A few guests took refuge in the trees near the ceremony site and stayed fairly dry!
Time for the rings!
These two guests were REALLY wet. (Oh and this is NOT photoshopped rain people, this is how it really went down!)
Congratulations all around!
Joel was being offered some of the barfi as he took this shot!
Here the rain slowed down to a few drips, and everyone laughed at it!
M+S made a bet about dancing around this tree - I didn't hear all of the details of it, but it was pretty funny!
A wet portrait of the newlyweds. :)
Off to the Franklin Institute!
The Franklin Hall where the reception was held - isn't this gorgeous?
M's dad is very big into astronomy, he was really loving the cocktail hour in the planetarium.
A room shot of the planetarium - this is the way to have a cocktail hour!
Doesn't S look gorgeous? I really loved this dress, she said it was her favorite of the event.
Some quiet tender moments.
That cake looks good eat!
M+S say a few words to their guests.
Some chuckles during the speeches.
And a first dance.
And of course a few last shots on the steps outside before we left!
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