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Another Brooke and Eric Get Married!

Monday, July 13, 2009 - Weddings
Another Brooke and Eric? Well jeez! This is a running joke now with Joel and I, as we have friends that are married whose names are Brooke and Eric, we also photographed the wedding of Brooke and Erik last fall in NYC, and NOW we have another Brooke and Eric we are photographing a wedding for! Too many Brookes and Erics! :)

Well THIS Brooke and Eric's wedding was held June 20th in the Enola/Mechanicsburg area. Driving to the wedding we were both leary as to whether it would rain for this wedding day! The weather had been so unpredictable in the weeks leading up to this wedding, so we were prepared for anything! Luckily, it only rained as we were driving to the wedding and then cleared up for the rest of the day. We arrived at the church and poked around as we waited for the bride and groom to arrive with their wedding parties. Brooke soon came in from the salon and the girls dressed in a flash! We snapped a few quick photos of them inside the church (it was still pretty wet outside from the earlier rain) and also sneaked a few in of the guys. The ceremony was over and done before we could bat an eye - it was then on to to Brooke's parent's house for some photos. They have a great property hidden away in the woods, with a nice pond and lawn. Our treasure find was the old abandoned play set that was there from when Brooke, her brother & sister were all wee little ones. We had some fun our way on that. :)

The reception was a blast until the very end and the guests danced and partied right on up until we left (and I am sure some after that!)

The church looking all somber with the cloudy skies and wet brick.
Brooke was a little nervous as she was getting in her dress, but I think it quickly went away.
This cute little flower girl was waiting patiently to give Brooke a bobby pin that had fallen out of her hair to the floor. She was really adorable!
What to do when you are stuck in a children's nursery at the church? Go simple! A great b&w portrait of Brooke - we found a clean wall and did what we do.
This was actually in the church kitchen! It had some beautiful windows for a kitchen.
Trying to not get sprayed by the hairspray!
I love this shot of Eric's mom fixing his tie and collar. All of the groomsmen thought they had to get in on it too.
Brooke preparing to go down the aisle.
Brooke's parent's pooch was all decked out for the wedding too!
Brooke's brother (on the right) was having too much fun with the groomsmen and his sister.
My favorite portrait of the day. :)
These all turned out awesome - Joel set this one up...
And a pretty snazzy ring shot I am proud of.
My favorite non-portrait shot of the day. Brooke was trying to walk into the reception and the wind just started whipping her veil around like it was trying to pull it out of her hair. She was also trying to show her ring off, and it made for a rad shot!
Joel caught the ring-bearer as he flew through the air. Rather he caught him mid-run as he ran to show off his super large calculator!
Brooke had a few tears escape as she danced with her dad.
Time for fun!
This is a another shot I love (but I didn't take it, Joel did).
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