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We are getting married! Sue and Jim's surprise wedding

Thursday, February 19, 2009 - Weddings
A surprise wedding - woo hoo! And no, the bride and groom weren't the ones being surprised by the wedding - they surprised their guests! Sue contacted us back in mid-December about their "plan". Her and Jim had an elaborate scheme, which involved having a surprise ceremony during a party they were throwing for their friends. What an awesome idea! We were excited by the concept and with only 2 weeks to go until the wedding, we booked Sue and Jim for their January 3rd wedding. Needless to say it was a short day (we ended up being there about 3 hours) - but unlike anything we have ever done before. Let me elaborate on the "plan"...

Sue and Jim have been together for a long time. Neither had been married previously, and they both often talked about tying the knot but never took it seriously. Well they decided on the spur of the moment, to turn their cocktail party they were having at the Hershey Theatre, into a surprise ceremony and reception! Guests arrived at 5 PM, and were ushered into the ballroom area to enjoy the "party". Just before 6 PM, Sue headed downstairs to get changed into a different dress for the wedding and Jim also went to get changed. Shortly before 6:30, all of the guests were taken downstairs to a surprise ceremony room that was set up! It all went off perfectly, and although Sue and Jim had clued in a few family members and friends, a lot of guests were surprised! The ceremony was performed by Jim's brother, who is a judge, and he added some great personal touches in, like joking on his "little" brother Jim during the ceremony. After the ceremony everyone went back upstairs and enjoyed food and mingling for the rest of the night!

We really enjoyed working this event, and looked at it as a new challenge, as Sue really wanted just a record of how things happened. We did only a few minutes of actual portraits, and spent most of the time capturing just the moments and expressions that were happening. So without further adieu, take a peak at our first ever surprise wedding!

Here's Sue getting changed into her wedding dress!
And Jim nervously getting ready across the hall.
The first guests coming downstairs to the "surprise"!
Sue and her dad getting ready to walk down the aisle.
This was just as Jim's brother was making a joke about Jim finally getting married. :)
Woohoo! They did it! It was a happy moment all around.
The rest of the night was fun, food and talking it up.
Sue was super excited and had this face most of the night!
Mmmmm.....cupcakes. In lieu of a wedding cake, they went the cupcake route....mmmm
An overall of the reception area.
Sue was really enjoying showing off her rings!
Jim's best friend made a great speech!
Sue's nephews were the only real kids there - they found a corner to go play their videogames and listen to their iPods. :)
This is one of my favorite images from the day. Sue gave her grandmother her bouquet from the wedding, and her grandmother just burst out into tears when she did it. It was a really great moment.
We ended our part of the day with some group shots for Sue with her friends. I love how all of the girls were doing something different as they were getting ready for the shot!
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