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An Intimate Event with Sara and Jeff

Monday, October 27, 2008 - Weddings
September 27th we got so lucky! Lucky to work with Sara and Jeff. What an amazing couple. I want to give a huge shout out to our fellow Blue List Photographer, Anna Kuperberg, for referring this great wedding to us! Thanks Anna, you rock! :)

Jeff and Sara were married at the Shofuso Japanese Tea House in Philadelphia, a very amazing and unique location. We were really, really excited to get there and shoot, and after some quick getting ready at Sara's parent's house, we were able to play around at the Tea House. One of the rules of the Tea House that was kind of fun, was that you were required to remove your shoes before entering the house. Since we were running around in and out of the house, we were putting our shoes on and off for half of the day! Luckily we both wore slip on shoes. :)

The ceremony in itself was very intimate and with only about 45 guests, we were able to move about quite a bit. The ceremony was really quite beautiful - a relative of Jeff's sang Amazing Grace (which left everyone with sweaty eyes as Joel calls it) and the tea ceremony was really interesting. I really loved that we could move around so much during the ceremony, as we were able to capture some really different shots. Afterwards, we were racing time as it was an overcast day and we were nearing sunset. Spending some time with Sara and Jeff doing their portraits during this time was such a fun part of the day. We found some really great locations in the tea house, and used a lot of the architecture there for some great backdrops to their portraits. We then also went to a really rad bridge near Manayunk, and did a bunch of nighttime shots as well.

The reception at Salento was just perfect - Sara and Jeff wanted a really cozy intimate reception, so they chose this restaurant in Philadelphia. The food was unbelievable! With no formal reception festivities (other than a few toasts and an impromptu cake cutting), the evening was spent eating, drinking and being merry! What better way to spend the evening! Joel and I both really enjoyed the intimate atmosphere, and it made for some really fun moments during the day.

Thanks guys for being so wonderful! Enjoy the photos!

First up here is Sara's dress on the dining room table...
Sara's parent's bedroom was really spacious and had lots of yummy light - made for some super de duper awesome portraits!
Here's the handsome groom - Jeff holding down the fort at the Tea House.
The beautiful Shofuso Tea House!
Sara and her dad anxiously awaiting the ceremony to start. Sara's dad was just so nice to us throughout the day - he really made us feel like part of the family!
During the ceremony, Sara and Jeff had all of the guests write well wishes to them.
The tea ceremony...
Sara's brothers thought they would get some martial arts action going on while we were doing some family shots!
Love this shot - one of my faves. :)
Over at the bridge, the lighting was really, really cool.
We braved the traffic...
...for just a few shots!
Everyone was checking out some photos.
Sara's dad was quite the character - we couldn't stop taking photos of him!
Oh, did I mention that food was totally yummy!?
I have to say, Sorry Sara! Joel liked this shot. :)
And a last shot out on the street!
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