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A NYC Wedding! Brooke and Erik

Friday, October 3, 2008 - Weddings
Yeehaw! Us country folk went to the big city! Going into New York City on September 13th for this wedding wasn't any different than any other wedding day. Just a lot bigger city and a lot more traffic! We were really excited to book this great wedding, a referral from our friends, Brooke and Eric Lagstein at Be Creative Photography in New Jersey. We actually crashed at their house the night before - we had Lauren and Eric's wedding in Lancaster on that Friday, drove up to to New Jersey late Friday night - crashed into Eric and Brooke's house at like 1 AM, and were up and ready for our couple, Brooke and Erik's wedding early Saturday!!! That was a mouthful! And too many Brooke and Erics! :)

So it was an early day ceremony that Saturday, which is why we decided to drive up the night before. We were up and over at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers by 9:30 AM. Brooke was running around getting ready, and we had some time to scout out the location. The ceremony was indoors, with a great city view of Hoboken and the Statue of Liberty through the windows in the background. We were sitting right on the Hudson River.

As everything started coming together, Erik arrived with Brooke's dress (that's a good one, huh?) - it was in a bag that he couldn't see through. :) Brooke slipped on her dress and it was down the aisle she went! A short but tearful Jewish ceremony followed, and Brooke and Erik were just beaming at each other. We headed outside for some quick portraits of the wedding party and couple - and it was back inside for some totally luscious food! I swear I could have done a blog post on just the food from this wedding. It was amazing!

The rest of the day was one big party - Brooke had a photobooth set up for everyone to get some fun photos, and we enjoyed taking shots of guests having some fun with that. Brooke also changed into an amazing vintage dress for the reception - it totally fit her style. We couldn't have had a better time for our first wedding in NYC. One thing worth mentioning, the coordinator at The Lighthouse was just simply amazing. He was on top of every little detail, always including us in everything that was going on. I have to say, it was one of our best experiences with a venue to date!

Congrats Brooke and Erik on an unforgettable wedding day! I wish we could have stayed for the karaoke and after party!

Brooke is very talented and made several comical faces throughout the day. She was funny and extremely beautiful!
Erik getting ready in a secret hidden away location...
The ceremony set up - Erik's dad was hanging out talking to one of the guests.
The nerves were starting to set in a little bit I think, for Erik before the ceremony.
Brooke was having some issues with her dress, and her wonderful makeup/hair team was helping her get fixed up.
Deep breaths Brooke, deep breaths!
And off they went, love the windows and light in the background here.
Total smiles from ear to ear during the ceremony.
And look at that bling! The officiant had Brooke give Erik her engagement ring to place on top of her wedding band.
Oh, this is just a very eensy weensy sample of the deliciousness that was served that day.
Brooke had some really different accents, with peacock feathers in different arrangements.
Erik with the guys having some fun times.
Brooke's flowers were decorated with this really cool brooch.
Brooke looking utterly divine.
I just love this photo - Erik checking out his iPhone, and Brooke trying to get her veil out of her face in the background. I promised Brooke I wouldn't post too many funny face photos of her, but this one - I just loved the feel of the photos.
And who doesn't love mini-burgers? Hello?
The wedding party having some good times.
Joel's take on Brooke's bouquet - it almost fell in the river for this shot. No, really it didn't, but I thought I would get your attention by saying that. ;)
We found these cool red doors...
Love this!
Erik's nephew was having a blast in the photobooth -
- as you can see!
I think EVERYONE was enjoying the photobooth!
A wild first dance!
Hi-fives from the dads!
Some tearful toasts...
And the couple takes a turn squeezing in! Yes, you can see Brooke and Erik hiding there in the back!
Time to get some dancing going on!
Love this shot from the cake cutting!
This was one of the most intense Father/Daughter dances I have ever seen! Brooke's dad was grasping on to her like he was never going to let her go. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house, including mine!
Yes, and River Authority made an appearance!
This is just a perfect shot. Love it!
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