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The firehouse saved the day! Angela and Ryan's Wedding

Wednesday, September 24, 2008 - Weddings
September 6th we spent the day with Angela and Ryan. I am sure you are wondering what I mean by the title - it rained that day pretty darn good, and we didn't have a back up plan for wedding party and couple photos for after the ceremony. Luckily, one of Angela's bridesmaids, Erin, had a solution. Love those bridesmaids! Erin's dad is the Chief of Fire Police for Harrisburg, and she was able to get us in to the Fire House Museum for photos. It was dry, spacious, and had some rad firetrucks! We were really excited, and got some neat photos from it. We had the entire wedding party in the museum, did some shots of them on firetrucks and then spent some time with Angela and Ryan running around the museum.

So now that I explained that and you aren't wondering if I am going crazy, let me tell you about the rest of Angela and Ryan's day. First of all, we always love showing off the engagement photos from our couples - we spent some time with Angela and Ryan last fall on City Island in Harrisburg for their ENGAGEMENT SESSION oh, AND we photographed Angela's sister's wedding in 2006. (The fabulous Jessica and Jared.) So we were super excited to work with them and their family again. Despite the weather, Angela was really calm when we arrived at the Milestone Inn. We grabbed some getting ready and some portraits of Angela and jetted over to the church, which is one of our favorites - Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament on 3rd street.

After the ceremony was when we did the firehouse shots, which you heard about above, and then it was back to the Milestone for the party. And party it was! The rain stopped during the reception, allowing people to move about a bit more, and we were able to get some great sunset shots down on the river. A special surprise for Ryan during the reception was a custom made groom's cake - 007 style! Apparently Ryan is a huge fan and Angela surprised him with his very own 007 logo replica cake. It was smokin!

We were so excited to work with this family again and everyone was so nice. We felt like just another guest which is what we want! The photos below tell the story in a nutshell, check them out! Oh yeah, and that header photo up above - yeah that's me, shooting in the rain, holding an umbrella. This was just as Angela and Ryan were walking out after the ceremony - Joel thought I looked "cute" standing there among all of those umbrellas! :)

Here's Jessica helping Angela with her makeup in the mirror at the Milestone.
Angela had this amazing choker necklace, which you don't see many of anymore (at least we don't) and it was just stunning with her dress!
An elegant portrait in the bridal suite.
And another, we were having fun playing in there.
Joel thought this was a cool idea...
Ryan over at the church.
Angela arriving amidst a bunch of raindrops.
Thumbs up, it's time to go!
Jessica was all smiles as Angela was ready to walk down the aisle - here she is beaming at Ryan in approval!
Not only did the guests blow bubbles as they exited the church, but the wedding party doused them with silly string!
Making out in a classic car - sweet!
Now that's a bouquet shot.
I love this one - Angela and Ryan climbed up onto the bed of one of the firetrucks for me and I convinced them to lay down in the hoses. I love it when our couples are willing to do cool stuff!
The ring bearer was having a BLAST at the fire museum.
Cornered, up in the control room!
A rainy entrance into the reception - good thing they had their own personal butler for the reception!
The party started EARLY
I love this shot of Jess and Jared - he is like all smiles, which he was all day, and Jess was making a face at him for something. :) We love you guys!
Yes, more silly string.
There's that cool 007 cake.
And playing with the cake too!
ANother one of my favorite shots, I just love everything that's going on it.
Oh yeah - I almost forgot! Ryan's brother's girlfriend, requested "Freak on a Leash" by Korn for Ryan's brother - she said it was the only thing he would dance to! So yeah, slam dancing busted out on the dance floor!
Oh and the wedding party got ahold of the kids gifts, bubble blowers might get messy around here...
...yep, it got messy. :)
How low can you go?
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