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Jen and Eric's Downtown Philadelphia Extravaganza!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 - Weddings
My oh my, what can I say!? First a message to Jen and Eric - we love you! What an amazingly wonderful day, and we couldn't be happier with the results. This wedding was phenomenal every second we were there.

We have been looking forward to this day for soooo long. These two have been so nice and easy going ever since we first met them. You may remember back in the spring we had a blast photographing their engagement session in downtown Philly, what a day!

Before I get into all of the wedding day goodiness, I want to mention all of the supremely talented vendors we worked with for this wedding - they did a phenomenal job:

Ceremony Location: Old St. Mary's Catholic Church

Reception Location: Hyatt on Penn's Landing

Floral Designer: Petals Lane in Manayunk

Band: Dreamtime

Videographer: Danielle from Lucky Productions

So the day started out overlooking the gorgeous Philadelphia skyline above - Jen and her partners in crime, aka "the bridesmaids", were high atop the Hyatt with a gorgeous view of the city. Tears were shed all around as Jen donned a beautiful gown and saw her dad for the first time that day - it was such a sincere moment. We walked along the water and had quite a few laughs - Jen had asked if we could get a photo on board a submarine that was docked nearby for tours/visitors - her dad and grandfather had both served in the Navy. As we walked onto the sub, Jen lodged the heel of her shoe quite well in the slats of the walkway. Her dad had to get down and help her with it - a great shot of that is below!

The guys had it easy as Joel and Kingston hung out with them over at the church. After a traditional Catholic ceremony - more tears were shed! - we headed for some very fun, and very non-traditional shots around Philadelphia. Jen had a nearly 3 hour gap from the end of her ceremony until the start of cocktail hour at the Hyatt, so we had plenty of time for playing in the streets. We found a great alley to start, which is one of our favorite locations - and used it for a bunch of different things - including some great family "formals". :) One of the groomsmen even stepped in some wet cement. :)

After we hoofed it around the historic district for awhile, we all hopped the shuttle and had it drop us off on South Street. Boy we got some good looks there! Again, we found a great side alley - great for playing with lips, sitting in the street, and borrowing some front steps. All for a great photo! You can see some of these below.

We didn't think the day could possibly get any better, and then the reception started. Guests were literally dancing as they walked into the room - always a good sign! The dancefloor was packed the entire evening, and we were there to the very end at 11:00. No less than 50+ people on the dancefloor at all times, and mostly more like 100-150 at the peaks of the evening. It was just phenomenal!

I just can't say anything more about this wedding, you just have to look at it for yourself - it was sooooo totally hard to narrow down our favorites, so this is an outrageously huge blog post with over 50 photos. And that my friends, is just the tip of the iceberg!

First shot is of Jen's gorgeous gown.
Just a few finishing touches.
Eric looking totally dashing. :)
Jen and the homegirls. :)
This was when Jen had gotten her shoe stuck, and her dad had to take it off for her. I have so many great shots from this - but this one is my favorite!
Jen' bouquet was one of the best I have seen in like forever - the entire thing was white orchids and it was so beautiful!
Joel liked this shot of Jen's brother waiting for the girls to arrive.
The fan shaped programs for the ceremony - both pretty and practical.
This is Jen's G-PA...I had to get him in here somewhere, and this was right before Jen walked down the aisle - he was starting to cry, it was so sweet!
The happy couple - Jen was crying for most of the ceremony, and I caught Eric a couple of times making goofy faces at her to get her to laugh. :)
More tears between Jen and her dad - she is the only daughter, and I think they have quite the special bond.
Eric's nephew caught trying to take a snooze!
Jen had this gorgeous brooch attached to her sash in the back.
Family fun in the alley! Rock on! Jen said she wanted some totally casual family shots for their immediate family groups - so they hiked with us around town, and this was one of my favorites! I love it when our couples are open to doing something that is out of the norm. :)
Jen and the guys - I had this all set up and then I saw the guy and the dog coming, and had them hold it until he walked by - they thought I was waiting to take the photo, but I was snapping away the whole time! :)
Love this one, Joel took it darn it. :)
We had quite the crowd gathered at some of our spots we were shooting. Guess people don't see a couple in wedding gear in an alley every day.
Cruisin down South Street.
The first dance - oh yeah, it rocked!
This was Jen's face during her dad's speech. More tears flowed. :)
G-PA cuttin' a rug! Oh yeah!
I think Eric is being coerced into doing something he doesn't want to.
The band was all over the place - the whole group came down on the dance floor and sang to Jen and Eric.
Should I or shouldn't i?
Bottle dancing? We have seen this at our last 2 weddings now - different versions - but here they danced around a bottle, it was interesting let's say.
Very Interesting...
Rock on - sweet last portrait of these two - which we went out and did a bit early because we didn't want to get caught up in the end of the night festivities.
Last song - and the band even got encored. What a night!
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