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Dalia and Sam's wedding day that rolled! Jellyrolled that is!

Friday, July 25, 2008 - Weddings
Dalia and Sam had a rockin day. That's all I can say. We had a warm welcome at Dalia's parent's house on July 5th, and spent the early stages of the day having a good time there. Dalia was the first daughter to be married, and emotions were running high. Her mom and dad had tears in their eyes during most of our time there, and it was just so sweet to see the connection they all shared. We used their beautiful house to create some awesome shots of Dalia - total supermodel stuff! After that fun was through, we jetted all the way from Kennett Square up to Horsham to grab a few quick shots of Sam and the guys at the Joseph Ambler Inn and then over to where the ceremony and reception were held at The Manor House.

Sam and Dalia had decided to see each other prior to the ceremony so we caught some great moments of that first sight of each other. We then kicked out some family photos and all got ready for the ceremony to start. Clouds were starting to roll in and we were getting a little worried, but luckily the Wiebner luck AGAIN held out and we didn't see any rain until the reception, and then only a few sprinkles. After the ceremony we goofed around with the wedding party and with Sam and Dalia and then totally rocked the night away with the EXTREMELY awesome Jellyroll band. I always say a great band makes a great party, and these guys went above and beyond! One of the best bands we have seen to date!

Dalia and the girls enjoyed some good laughs as we tried to figure out the best angle for this shot.

Dalia's mom requested some shots of her on their staircase, and as Joel set that up, I grabbed Dalia's dad watching from the kitchen. I love that I caught Dalia's reflection in the mirror also!
This was in Dalia's parents' sitting room area - loved this room.
Joel used the room differently, and what a shot!
Sam the man, over at the Inn anxiously awaiting the trip to the ceremony location.
And the first glimpse, a sigh of relief and some tears...
Getting ready for the ceremony, Dalia and her younger sister enjoy some quiet sister time and an embrace.
Dalia and her father walking to the ceremony, they were clutching each other as the nerves set in.
As the ceremony ended, Dalia caught a guest taking her photo and made a goofy face at her!
Smooch away among the trees!
I told you that wedding party was goofy - one of Sam's groomsmen was having some fun with the food.
A great embrace from Dalia's dad.
Time to start the party! The evening started with a great dance set.
Sam wasn't so sure about doing the horah.
Neither was Dalia!
Now we got it!
Jellyroll! Rock on!
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