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Megan and Andrew's Wedding at the Capitol
When Harry met Megan, and they got married
Hot Day & a Hot Couple - Kristen & Doug
Molly & Adam's Burnside Plantation Vintage Wedding!
Kathryn & Ryan at Casa di Fiori in Leola
Emily & Stuart's Lancaster Wedding
Sarah & Piotr's Intimate Afternoon Wedding
Lindsay & Jason's Felicita Wedding in Harrisburg
Kurstan and Shawn's Downtown Philadelphia Wedding
Emily & Matt's Hershey, Snow-filled Wedding
Sara & Adam's Beautiful Day!
A Delaware Wedding with Kim and Jason
Alissa and Brian's New York City Wedding
Jen & Dave's Funky Pink Wedding
Christina and Ben's Windy Day in Cape May
We win! The 39th wedding of Frank and Evette
Our smallest wedding ever!
Christina and Willem's Downtown Lancaster Wedding
Alison and Brian's Country Club Wedding in Jersey
Brittaney and Scott Rocked Socks - Literally!
Sarah and Dave - 4th of July Wedding
Kristina and Jamie - The fabulous St. Michael's MD Wedding!
Another Brooke and Eric Get Married!
An Indian Wedding, The Wiebner Way - Day 3
An Indian Wedding, The Wiebner Way - Day 2
An Indian Wedding, The Wiebner Way - Day 1
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